The Migraine Warrior Project—UNVEILED!


I am thrilled to announce my next endeavor: The Migraine Warrior Project! Each week, on Wednesday (now dubbed “Warrior Wednesday!”), I will feature a different migraineur, known as the “Migraine Warrior of the Week!” Each featured person will fill out a questionnaire and submit it to me, along with pictures of themselves on “good” days and “migraine” days. Their responses to the questionnaire and their pictures will be posted on this blog. (Some people may opt not to submit photos; though I am encouraging everyone to submit photos, I am not penalizing anyone who chooses not to.) I hope to accomplish the following:

-To expose my readers to as many different migraine experiences and perspectives as possible

-To show fellow migraineurs that they are not alone

-To educate non-migraineurs

-To help stop the stigma associated with migraine and chronic invisible illness

-To honor and celebrate members of the migraine community who are doing advocacy work

-To provide fellow migraineurs with a place to tell their story and publicize their own personal efforts, such as blogs, websites, books, etc.

-To highlight the fact that migraines are NOT just a headache

-To create a community where Migraine Warriors feel empowered, safe, welcome, and comfortable

The response to this project has already been overwhelmingly positive. I can’t wait to share these incredible people and their journeys with you. Keep your eyes on this blog next Wednesday (July 16) as we kick off The Migraine Warrior Project and please contact me if you’d like to be involved. (You can find my contact info by clicking on the “Contact Me” link on the left-hand side of this page.) Be well, my friends, and may your days be pain-free!

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