‘Tis the Season: Migraine Product Reviews


chelle ian christmas ornament

Happy December, readers! As we usher in the holiday season, I will be providing a series of reviews of products that have helped me specifically on my 12+ year journey as a chronic migraineur. I have committed to my readers from the very beginning to provide clear and honest reviews on this blog. The products reviewed are, in all cases, products that I have personally used during migraine attacks and/or daily life as a migraineur. I have not been paid to write these reviews, though in some cases I have contacted companies whose products I am interested in to obtain said product for personal review. The way in which I obtained the item (or items) that I am reviewing will be explicitly discussed in each post. I will never endorse something that has not personally helped me. I think all of you know me better than that.

That being said, let the fun begin! Hopefully, some of you will find my experiences useful and perhaps even add some of these items to your holiday wish lists this season. These reviews are also a great opportunity to surprise the migraineur in your life with something they can really use, although it must be noted that each person has their own specific preferences when dealing with their migraine attacks, so a one-size-fits-all approach is rarely effective. However, if you are familiar with your loved ones preferences (or if they have been directly stated to you), this series of posts will provide valuable information.

Which products will I be reviewing? You didn’t think I’d spoil the surprise, did you? What I can tell you is that I’ll be discussing my recommendations for the best pillows, ice packs, sunglasses, eye masks, bath and body products, and more. Stay tuned for my first review, coming soon!

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