The Migraine Warrior Toolbox: IceKap Review


IceKap Collage

Hello, loyal readers! Welcome to my first post of the New Year! I will be reviewing one of the most talked-about products in our community: the IceKap. Does it live up to the hype? What are the pros and the cons? I was lucky enough to snag one so that I can give you all the details!

The IceKap is a hat-type accessory that can be worn both in bed and on-the-go during a migraine. It stays in place and keeps the cold/heat where you need it. It comes with three medical grade gel packs, one that fits over your forehead, one that fits at the base of your skull/neck, and one that rests on the crown of your head. This is one of my favorite parts about the IceKap: I can ice my forehead/top of my head, while heating my neck. Also, typical ice packs are forever falling off of my head and neck, so the fact that the IceKap keeps its gel packs in place is a real selling point for me.

If you’re like me and have the charming added effect of vomiting during your migraines, take note: the IceKap will stay put during this process. Also, as seen in the pictures above, the IceKap has a hole in the back through which you can thread your ponytail. This allows the cold/heat to rest directly on your aching neck/head, in addition to keeping long hair out of the way.

The most surprising thing for me was that I fell in love with IceKap’s lavender-peppermint essential oil. As someone whose migraines are triggered by scents (especially floral ones), I had not really ventured into the world of essential oils. This one changed my mind. Not only is it soothing during the initial stages of a migraine but it can also be used to block out other triggering smells (an example being when folks at my house burn popcorn, which happens much more often than you’d think.)

A note about the IceKap and pressure: some folks like pressure on their head during a migraine and others can’t tolerate it. The IceKap is adjustable but a snug fit nonetheless. It takes a few uses and some stretching (noted in the accompanying literature in the IceKap box) to adjust to the size and shape of your head. For me, I prefer the snug fit over having ice packs falling off of my head all the time.

While we’re talking about ice packs, let’s examine the IceKap’s medical grade gel packs for a moment. As previously mentioned, they can be heated or chilled. One thing I learned (and this is true of every product I’ve tried) is that you should chill the gel packs, rather than leaving them in the freezer overnight. They will freeze solid (as things often do when left in the freezer) but they thaw out nicely so there’s no harm done if you make the same mistake I did. You may be wondering if the gel packs stay cold if you’re only chilling them. I’m here to tell you that they stay cold and pliable, which feels much better on an aching head than a rock solid ice pack.

Lastly, I’ve discussed that the IceKap works well both in bed and on-the-go. If you prefer to have your eyes covered during a migraine, the IceKap can be pulled down over your eyes, simulating an eye mask. It blocks out all of the light and cools your eyes as well, which is soothing for those of us whose eyes hurt during an attack.

Long story short, the IceKap is a product worth adding to your toolbox. I’m glad it’s in mine.

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